Instagram-like Store Feature Coming to Facebook


Facebook brings the Instagram shopping feature to its main application. You will now be able to view and buy the products you like on Facebook.

Facebook, which succeeded in making online shopping a part of Instagram, is now planning to add a shopping feature to its main application. Facebook, which has started a new test program in the USA as of today, has added a Store tab to its mobile application.

As you know, Facebook makes it possible for users to view, purchase or save products for later purchase with the Store feature added to Instagram. With the test in question, these features will be added to Facebook’s main application.

Facebook Store tab will look like this

Stating that they want to offer a special shopping experience to the Facebook community in a statement made on its official website, Facebook still offers similar opportunities in the Facebook Store with the shopping feature of Instagram.

Users in the Facebook store, which is still in the testing phase; They will be able to communicate with sellers via Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram DM. Therefore, Facebook will ensure active communication between sellers and buyers.

While Facebook is starting to test the Store feature in its main app, it continues to improve the shopping feature in Instagram. According to the statement made by the company, the Instagram Checkout feature, which makes it possible for sellers on Instagram to complete their payment transactions through the Instagram application, will soon be available to all sellers in the USA who meet the necessary legal conditions. The property is on the availability of the supplier in Turkey for now there is no description.

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