Instagram: Learn How To View Stories Anonymously


Instagram stories can be viewed without viewing registration and the need to use other apps, programs and websites. The simple trick, posted on TikTok by user @1frederika, went viral and has been liked over 900,000 times and has over 9 million views on the short video social network.

The trick consists of just touching the phone screen with two fingers simultaneously when accessing the stories. While one finger drags the screen from right to left, the other must hold down. When reaching the end of the display, the first finger can release the phone and return to the right side. After that, the second finger can repeat the action to see the next post.


The post on TikTok shows the trick being performed on an iPhone, which raised the question that maybe the trick doesn’t work on other smartphones. We tested the action on two Android phones from different manufacturers and it seemed to work perfectly. But that doesn’t mean it will work on all devices.

A limitation pointed out in the comments of the post on TikTok was that it was only possible to view the first publication, since in the transition the person passes from one profile to another. However, it is possible to view the second story of a profile. Just exit and return to stories and repeat the trick.

In the case of videos, only the first image is shown, not the audio. For this situation, there is still no known way around.