Instagram Launches Space For The Display Of Pronouns In Profiles


Instagram: In social networks, it has become common for people to indicate their pronouns in their profiles. For example, his / her, her / her and variants. Thinking of this audience, Instagram announced, last Tuesday (11), in its official Twitter account, the arrival of a new specific resource for this information on the platform.

For now, the novelty is restricted to a few countries, but there are plans to extend it to more regions.

Devin Coldewey, from TechCrunch, says he was able to use it in the United States with version 187 of the iOS app, that he was able to insert most of the terms listed by a list from the LGBTQIA Resource Center and that the tool supports up to four of them.

Step by step

To enjoy the launch, just tap on “Edit profile” and look for the empty field dedicated to pronouns. Then, just choose the desired options, which will appear next to the name, and confirm the update. It is worth remembering that it is not allowed to insert anything. In addition, it is possible that the list will expand as it is improved.

Finally, there is the alternative of displaying the information only to followers, if those who configure it do not want to make it totally public.

Moreover, in Brazil, we have to wait a little longer to see the advantages that Instagram provides with the implementation, such as saving space and valuing gender identity.


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