Instagram launches new home page


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Also, if you have a Facebook account you can link it to your new profile. But the topic that concerns us today has to do with its style of the home page that will soon reach mobile devices. This also includes a new distribution of the buttons at the bottom of the interface that we will discuss below.

The new Instagram layout

Updates to an application can include performance or security improvements in most cases. Other times the changes reach the outermost layer and exposed to users: the design. This can be for the better if it gives a cleaner, more careful and intuitive look or a disaster if it makes its use even slower and not pleasant to the eye. But the case that we are discussing now is one of the good ones with the arrival of the new Instagram distribution.

We had been talking for months about the imminent arrival of a change in the starting part of the application and all due to the arrival of new functions. As you know, the social network is also a showcase for different companies and has become a place to sell products through its Store function. On the other hand, those from Menlo Park have looked closely at their competition to the point of copying their main functions as happened in their day with Snapchat and their Stories.

It is time to talk about that Instagram redesign so notorious that, finally, it has been made official. The changes are available from the top and bottom, the central where you see the news continues as always. At the top, the title of the app has been moved to the left, leaving the buttons for uploading content, activity and Facebook Messenger on the right (goodbye to Instagram Directives).

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On the other hand, we have the lower part where we find new changes in its right part. Of the five buttons, the Home and the search buttons remain on their site, but in the central part you will now find the Reels, the TikTok video format, the Shopping section for those who want to get hold of everything they see on the app and the user’s profile, which also stays on your site. What do you think of these new changes?


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