Instagram Launches New Feature Reels


Instagram has launched its feature called Reels, which will offer users a TikTok-like experience. This feature, offered together for the iOS and Android ecosystem in more than 50 countries, allows video capture and editing of 15 seconds.

With the widespread use of the Internet and the use of smartphones and tablets, social media platforms gained great importance. However, there is a great competition among social media platforms recently. In particular, the war of the US administration against Chinese TikTok significantly increased the size of this competition. Now, Instagram has launched a new feature to attract TikTok users.

Instagram names the new feature “Reels” and offers users an almost identical copy of TikTok. It seems that it will be possible to experience TikTok in Instagram with the Reels feature, where users can shoot 15-second videos. Now let’s take a closer look at the details of Instagram’s new feature.

Instagram’s new feature Reels looks like this

Users will be able to create TikTok-like videos using Instagram’s new feature. Moreover, Instagram developers have integrated some features on TikTok to enable users to give up TikTok. For example, a user can use music from Instagram’s music library using Reels. There is also a tool that smooths video transitions with this feature.

Users can use augmented reality effects in the videos they shoot using Reels. Also having timer and countdown capability, Reels offers users a more comfortable content creation experience. In addition to all these features, a user can change the video speed of the content he creates through Reels as they wish at certain points.

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15-second videos shot with Instagram’s Reels feature can be shared as posts or stories. In addition, users will be able to easily access Reels videos from the Explore menu. In this way, users will have the opportunity to meet Reels videos more quickly.

Instagram has started to offer TikTok’s new feature for both iOS and Android users as of today. The feature, which has been launched in more than 50 countries, seems to provide a very different Instagram experience for users. It is not known how a response to this feature will come from the TikTok front, but it should be clearly stated that Instagram will not pay the creators at least for now, as TikTok does. The next days will show if the feature will attract TikTok users.


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