Instagram launches “create” mode for even more fun Stories!


Instagram has launched a new feature to make his Stories even more fun! With “create” for you to play! Instagram has unveiled a new feature to make stories even more fun! With the “create” tools. You can make GIFs so you can have more fun! We tell you everything!

Instagram is on all fronts right now. While there were few days, the application launched Threads. Novelty that acts as an instant messenger. But if Insta already allowed to talk with friends. It works differently.

The goal is to talk to little, as in the days of MSN. We can then put statuses of the style “busy”, “at work”, etc.

It was designed with the aim of “totally controlling who can reach you” and the desire to maintain links. Between its users “even if they do not have time for a conversation”. On paper the Instagram app can be very promising. Only black point in the whole story. We must allow Facebook a total approach to our data.

Whether in terms of microphone and camera. Geolocation or reactivity. To find out if you are busy or not. Facebook will have to study your data.


But he did not decide to stop there. He has just launched “create”. The new Create mode allows you to share, in your story: text, a GIF. A countdown, a souvenir, a quiz, a poll or a question.

In addition to the arrival of the Create mode, Instagram has slightly modified the interface of the camera. You always access the different parts of the camera by swiping at the bottom of the screen: Live, Create, Normal, Boomerang, Superzoom, Handsfree, Music.

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But that’s not the only thing. Indeed, a few hours ago. Insta announced that Dark mode was making its way onto the app. What to keep the subscribers again! We love !



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