Instagram Is Working On A New Fundraising Feature


Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, is experimenting with a new fundraising feature. Thanks to this feature, there will be aid campaigns in the home page and discover section.

Application developer Alessandro Paluzzi recently announced in a post on Twitter that he is working on a feature that will enable fundraising campaigns on Instagram’s home page and news source.

The “New Post” interface appears in the images shared by Paluzzi. In this interface, there are standardized, familiar features such as “tag people”, “add location”. We can also send our posts to other platforms.

Fundraising feature on Instagram comes to posts

Normally, Instagram has a fundraising feature. Although not open to every country, this feature is in the company’s repertoire. In fact, the feature that is accelerated due to the coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing is used quite often.

NGOs, non-profit organizations, celebrities and influencers used this feature for purposes such as supporting small and medium-sized businesses when the pandemic started, and gathering support for people struggling with the pandemic at the forefront. However, this feature could be used in the “stories” section.

The new feature allows posts for direct fundraising purposes to be shared. The reason for this change is shown as making it possible for campaigns to reach more people. On the other hand, Instagram is on the way to transform into a truly economic habitat with this change.

Trade moved to Instagram

Instagram has managed to become a very important showcase for both SME-level and large companies. Especially companies that suffered from curfews and commercial slowdown were trying to get on their feet from Instragram and other social media channels. Instagram also supported them with both marketing tools and new company features.

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With the support of the new donation campaign model, Instagram will become an even more active marketplace and will succeed in creating a wider economic cycle. It is possible to say that this feature can make everyone happy.


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