Instagram is tagging your accounts in a new way!


Instagram continues to open up its new features to users. It started offering a new tagging feature. Instagram goes the way of tagging state-controlled media accounts. This detail added under the account statement will now show users whether a media account is a state monopoly or a private enterprise.

Instagram state controlled media accounts started with “Russian Media”

Facebook announced this feature in October of last year and started to apply the policy that it started to implement in its social media network in June last year, for other accounts.

The labels were first reported by journalist Casey Michel. Sharing on his Twitter account, Casey stated that users in the USA started to see their controlled media accounts through some accounts. When you tap on the aforementioned tags, a support page opens where you can learn more about the policy. Some of the networks where you will see the label are registered as Redfish, In the Now and Soapbox.

So why does Facebook need such tagging? “Instagram defines state-controlled media as media outlets whose Instagram accounts believe may be partially or entirely under editorial control of governments, based on our own research and judgment against a set of criteria developed for this purpose,” said the statement.

Accounts tagged in this way also have the right to object. Instagram is releasing the tags just weeks before the 2020 US Presidential election on November 3.

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