Instagram is 10 years old! A deleted feature is back


The map feature, which is not frequently used by Instagram users, was activated again. This feature, which is said to be both in demand and caused data breach, showed the location of the photos shared by the users.

The final version of the related feature, called Photo Maps, is slightly different from what it was before it was deleted. From now on, we will see photos positioned on maps in the archive section of Instagram Stories.

What measures was Instagram equipped with except for the map feature?

Unfortunately, those who use this software technology called Photo Maps will not be able to show their location to their followers. Because this map will only be shown to that user. Founded on October 6, 2010, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012.

Extra precautions have been taken for people who annoy other users. According to the information obtained, a user who uses hurtful words in his comments may not be given any chance to correct that comment. Instead, that user’s comments can be followed.

Instagram harita özelliği

The account of this person who continues to make such comments and is constantly breaking the rules may be suddenly deactivated. The 10-year-old social media platform does not prefer to provide much information on this subject.

It was learned that the US-based social media channel is working on another feature. This feature will hide the comments of people who upset people and irritate them with inappropriate words.

Thus, the comments made by that person will not be seen by those who complain about that person. In addition, it was announced that comments similar to this person’s comments but written by others cannot disturb the victims.

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