Instagram: How To Share Posts In Stories


Instagram brings a number of photo and video sharing features, such as Stories, Reels, IGTV and the traditional Feed. Posts can be shared in a very practical way within the app itself, through direct messages or even as a story on your profile.

How to share a post in your Stories

1. On Instagram, select the post you want to share and tap the arrow symbol (as shown in the image below).

2. Then choose the first option “Add Post to Your Story”.

3. The post will appear in the story setup screen. It is possible to remove or add the post box with a preview of the caption and the profile that made the post. To do this, just tap once on top of the image.

4. You can also add other features such as text boxes and stickers to the story that shares the post.

5. After preparing it, press the “Send to” button to choose a way to share the story. You can post it as usual (for all your followers), to a group of friends, or send it to a specific profile.


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