Instagram hardens in combating cyberbullying


Celebrating its tenth anniversary as of today, Instagram offers new-year users tools to help combat cyberbullying. The social network aims to encourage its users to be kind to each other with these new features.

In the statement made by Instagram, it was stated that the coverage area of ​​the systems that warn users when they write “bad comments” has been expanded. The social network, which has so far suggested users to re-evaluate their bad comments, now states that if the rules are repeatedly broken, they will go to applications that lead to account closure. These warnings will not directly prevent users from posting bad reviews. But at least it will have a deterrent effect.

Instagram is also testing a new feature that can be exploited by those exposed to offensive comments. The social network is preparing to automatically hide comments that are similar to users’ complaints or hides before.

While Instagram offers anti-cyberbullying features, it also brings back an old feature. The company is re-using the photo map feature, which it removed from profiles in 2016. However, it should be noted that the new map is slightly different from the old one. The new map will now be displayed in Instagram’s Story Archive. In other words, the locations where the stories are shared can be followed on the new map.

Instagram’s new map will be exclusive to users. This map cannot be shared with followers. Still, it can be said that the return of the map is gratifying for those who remember the original photo map.

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