Instagram Guides is now available! How to use?


Instagram Guides, the feature that allows you to prepare and share guides on Instagram just like a blog, is available worldwide. The feature, which has been in beta for a while, is finally available to everyone around the world. We explained how you can use the feature in our news.

Instagram Guides is now available

Instagram has been paying more attention to content producers lately. With the introduction of the shopping feature, content producers found a medium to share sponsored products. Now, the Guides feature, which is in the blog structure, is available to everyone.

Go to the shopping tab from the bottom bar to access the Instagram Guides feature. Then select “Explore guides” from the boxes at the top. You will see the guides published by the content producers. If you want to create a directory, first make sure your account is a professional creator account. To do this, you have to go to settings and click “Switch to professional account” from the “Account” tab. Then go to your profile and select “Guides” from the “plus” icon at the top left.

You can share the guide you created in your story and send it as a message. Just like the discover tab, your guide will be shown to people with similar interests. All your guides will be available from the tab on your profile.

The initial feedback on Instagram Guides seems positive. The addition of a new feature for content producers to promote their products is welcomed. What do you guys think about this feature?


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