Instagram Gets New Security Verification Tool


Instagram: Aiming to close the siege to attackers, making accounts more secure, Instagram launched this Tuesday (13) a feature called “Security Check”. The novelty is mainly aimed at people who have already had their profile hacked, guiding them on how to take precautions.

According to the social network, the new tool will come into action as soon as the owner of a previously compromised account logs in, asking him to follow a few steps to check if everything is right. Reviewing activities, profile information and reviewing contacts for account recovery are some of the guidelines that will appear.

The company also announced that it will now allow the use of WhatsApp to get an extra layer of protection with two-factor authentication. This feature will be available in some countries in the coming weeks, making it possible to receive a verification code directly in the messaging app to confirm the authenticity of the login.

Another update released by Instagram appears in the support inbox, aiming to facilitate the viewing of information about reports of inappropriate content and irregular accounts. In this section, the user can also find out if their posts are violating the platform’s policies.

Beware of malicious direct messages

In an attempt to steal account passwords and other sensitive information, cyber criminals are increasingly sending direct messages (DM) to potential victims. According to the company, recently there was an increase in the number of DMs allegedly originating from Instagram saying that the recipient is at risk of banning for violating some terms of use.

The platform warns that this type of message is a scam, as the social network never sends a DM to the user related to the subject. When necessary, the direct communication made by the company with the account owner takes place through the “Instagram Emails” tab, located in the platform’s settings.


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