Instagram Gets Button To Send Messages Via WhatsApp


Instagram announced, on Tuesday (28), the launch of a special button to take users directly to a chat on WhatsApp. The tool, which is intended for commercial use, will serve to facilitate contact between consumers and small shopkeepers/service providers.

The feature is now available and is right on the home page in company profiles. The button is next to the “follow” and “message” commands. The social network didn’t provide details, but apparently the solution will be optional as merchants will continue to have direct messages (DMs) as a way to communicate with potential customers on Instagram.

In addition to the novelty, the company also announced the launch of ads with “Click for WhatsApp”. In this modality, merchants and service providers will be able to boost publications that lead consumers directly to a conversation on WhatsApp. Before that, it was only possible to integrate through the Ads Manager with a Facebook account.

This is another big recent change from Instagram, which has released several features to improve the user experience. Last month, for example, the social network replaced the popular “drag up” for a picture with a link in the stories.

The platform is also testing a tool to bookmark users. On the other hand, the company announced the suspension of the kids version, which would be aimed at children under 13 years old, due to the negative impact on the subject in the United States.


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