Instagram Fixes Audio Bug in Stories on iPhone with iOS 15


In a new update released this Friday (24), Instagram fixed the bug that prevented sound from playing in Stories. The issue affected iPhone users with the latest version of the iOS 15 operating system, and it has persisted since the first beta release. Users must now update the app to the new version 206.1.

According to reports, the Instagram app did not play Stories sound when the mute button/key was turned on. Normally, all you had to do was press the volume knob and the sound would play in that mode, exactly what had stopped happening.

Mentions of the bug increased when Apple released iOS 15 on Monday (20) to all iPhone users. On social networks, users expressed their outrage at the failure of the social network app. The new version of Apple’s operating system has also had other bugs, although this one itself appears to have been Instagram itself.

If the app doesn’t update automatically, users just need to go to the App Store and go to the update center by tapping the Apple account’s profile picture. Another option is to search for the app name in the store and tap the “Update” button.

According to 9to5Mac, today’s Instagram update also fixes a layout issue in the new iPhone 13 line. In this other case, the app occupied a larger area of ​​the status bar, an issue related to the size change of the notch on the screen. cell phones.


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