Instagram Facebook Pay, which turned Instagram into a shopping app, has been changed: soon you will be able to buy sweaters and shirts with Bitcoin


Facebook’s payment tool Facebook Pay has undergone a global name change. From now on, the service will be called MetaPay in about 200 countries. The changes have not yet come to Turkey.

In the news we shared with you in June, we mentioned that Facebook, which changed its name to metaverse technology and became known as Meta, announced a new service called “Meta Pay“. Facebook Pay was actually an integrated and renamed version of Facebook’s payment broker Facebook Pay, which has been around for many years, with metaverse technologies.

Statements made at the time stated that Meta Pay would be available in the US in the first phase and would be offered to all users worldwide in the next period. So this day has come. The officials who made the Meta Pay statements announced that the updated version of Facebook Pay is currently available in about 200 countries.

So what will change with Meta Pay?

Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement in June 2022 that the move only meant a name change for users. In other words, all Facebook Pay functions have been moved to Meta Pay in the form they were. Users will be able to continue sending and receiving money as if they were using Facebook Pay, as in the past. We will not ignore the fact that in the future Meta Pay will support crypto money and NFT.

Facebook Instagram Facebook Pay is available in some countries on both Instagram and Facebook. However, users in our country can only access this service through Facebook. In our checks, we see that the name change is not yet valid in Turkey. When Facebook is accessed via the desktop version, we see that the service can still be used under the name Facebook Pay. This will change in the coming hours or days…


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