Instagram Facebook accounts of Andrew Tate has been banned


Instagram Facebook and Instagram are banned because the spread of misogynistic opinions on the Internet can often lead to suspensions, bans and additional punishments, and this is no different from what, according to popular streamer Andrew Tate, caused Facebook and Instagram to be banned. Facebook instagrammer Tate, who came from the world of kickboxing, has gained a large number of fans online in recent years, but he was removed from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but he has maintained a presence on Twitch, TikTok and YouTube.

Andrew Tate has appeared on the stream along with other popular streamers such as Adin Ross, Hasan and xQc over the past year. Instagram Facebook and Instagram users may have reported posts that caused him to be subsequently banned from Meta platforms, but other Twitch streamers have criticized Tate’s actions, and others seem to agree with their criticism.

Andrew Tate regularly smokes a cigar in a dark room with dark glasses, broadcasting in front of the Twitch community of almost 49,000 people and about 760,000 subscribers on YouTube, and these numbers continue to grow despite the bans of other platforms. Facebook Instagram ban leaves Tate with 4.7 million followers and fewer followers on Facebook due to meta ban. Tate has already been banned from Twitter, like many others before, because of a tweet in which he suggested that women “bear some responsibility” for sexual violence, and such speech may be the reason for his recent meta-ban.

Facebook Instagram’s parent company Meta, without going into details, said it had banned Andrew Tate for violating its policy on dangerous organizations and individuals, suggesting that Tate poses a potential danger to other users. According to Tate’s July statistics, the live broadcast has gained 11.6 billion views, although many critics of its content point to Tate’s misogynistic comments, for example, that women “belong to the house” and are “the property of a man,” which may have contributed to its meta-ban. . Instagram Facebook and Tate will eventually be reinstated, or he will leave meta platforms in the foreseeable future, it is currently unclear.

Instagram Facebook live with Adin Ross, Andrew Tate stated that he understands Meta’s position regarding the ban on his access to Facebook and Instagram, and suggested that this is not a significant loss for him. Facebook Instagram and Twitter: A popular streamer can continue to broadcast on his Twitch and YouTube channels, which have not been blocked, but there may be a number of viewers who are fighting for his ban in all directions and are waiting for bans outside Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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