Instagram Enables Sharing Content With Images On Twitter


Instagram: A feature long claimed by content creators was released by Instagram on its blog on Friday (17): when sharing content from public accounts of the social network on Twitter, the images will also be shown. This will allow cross promotion between the two apps and also allow readers to have, in the tweet itself, a preview of that person’s Instagram content.

With the update, Instagram views on Twitter will work in two ways. In the first one, you can tweet and include a link to a public post on the photo and video social network: in this case, the preview is shown in the form of a Twitter Card with a thumbnail of the image. But if you share on Twitter directly from Insta, in addition to previewing the image, the caption of the original post will also be shown.

All types of posts on Instagram, such as photos and videos (except Stories), will be seen as soon as they are shared on Twitter. When the reader clicks on the tweet preview link, they will be taken directly to the original post of the app that belongs to the Meta conglomerate.

Other ways to share Instagram content on the internet

In addition to sharing views on Twitter, Instagram will also allow you to embed your profile on websites. According to the publication, postings from public accounts were enabled for incorporation on external sites, even on older pages or pages not built on open source platforms, such as WordPress.

To embed an Instagram profile on a website, do the following:

Browse to the profile you want to share;
If it’s yours, click on the gear icon; if from another person, click on the three dots •••;
Click “embed” and then “copy embed code”;
Then just copy and paste the code to the site where you want to display a profile view.
This news is currently restricted to the US, but will be released globally soon, according to the Instagram blog post.