Instagram doesn’t open on some iPhones: There is a solution, albeit a partial one


Instagram version v255.0 does not work on iOS 16. Moreover, the cause of the problem has not yet been established. So, what should iPhone owners with iOS 16 and above do to access Instagram? Here’s what you need to do to solve the problem…
If you’re using an iPhone and your operating system is iOS 16 or higher, you won’t be able to log in to Instagram right now. But before you restart your phone or get mad at yourself, we strongly recommend reading this article. Because you’re not the only user who has problems logging into Instagram.

iPhone users with iOS 16 who installed or updated the version of Instagram with the code “v255.0” were strangely unable to log in to the app. Judging by the messages on Twitter, the application opens for a few seconds, and then crashes. Solutions like restarting your phone or closing Instagram in the background also don’t work. So why does this problem arise and how to solve it?

It is unknown who is to blame. However, a new Instagram update is expected.

There were no explanations from Meta or Apple about this. However, sharing on social media, iPhone owners using iOS 15 seem to continue using Instagram as usual. So the problem only concerns iPhone owners with iOS 16. Although it is not known exactly what the problem is, Meta is expected to conduct a new study and release an update for Instagram on iOS 16.

Here are some of the social media posts:

“A strange iOS 16 bug that caused Instagram to stop working. Rebooting the phone didn’t help. Does anyone else have the same problem?”

If you can’t view the promotions; you can follow the links here, here, here and here.

So, what do I need to do to log in to Instagram?

Perhaps you are actively using Instagram and therefore don’t want to wait for Meta to release a new update. There is a method that can be applied in this situation, but it is not a 100% solution. So much so that if you can delete Instagram from your iPhone and install it later and log in once, don’t close the app in the background no matter what. This “partial” solution method allows you to access Instagram on some iPhones. Alternatively, you can open Instagram via Safari or Chrome. But for the final decision, you have no choice but to wait for the next Instagram update from Meta…


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