Instagram Direct: how to view all photos and videos of a conversation


Instagram allows you to access all photos in the gallery that have been sent and received by messages on Instagram Direct. All shared files are gathered in a single environment within each chat, allowing the user to easily access them again and download them to the phone’s memory. The media can be seen in individual conversations or in groups. Check below how to find the old photos shared in a Direct conversation and how to save the files on your phone.

Step 1. Open a conversation on Instagram Direct and tap the “i” icon to see contact information;

Step 2. Open the “Shared” section, tapping “See all”, and see all the media sent in the conversation. Touch an item to open it in full screen;

Step 3. Press an image and tap “Save” to download the file to your phone.

Take advantage of the tip to find photos faster on Instagram Direct.

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