Instagram Direct on PC: web version releases direct messages for everyone


Instagram Direct is now available on the web version of the social network, allowing access to all messages through the PC browser. The function, which had been in testing since January and had already arrived for some users, was released for everyone this Friday (10). The novelty was widely requested by users, since it is one of the things that most differentiate the application from the desktop version. Until then, to be able to use direct messages on Instagram on the computer, it was necessary to resort to the social networking application for Windows 10 or browser tricks.

According to Instagram, the social network has been widely used during the coronavirus quarantine, when people are physically distant. So, the new feature is a way to keep users in touch.

With the novelty, the web version of Instagram is more like the mobile app. From now on, it is possible to access and reply to all messages on the computer natively. In addition, users can create group chats and send feed posts to a friend via Direct. Just like on your smartphone, just click on a message twice to enjoy it. The change also brings the possibility of responding to Stories on the desktop, since, until then, it was only possible to see the publications, without interacting with them.

The novelty works on both Windows and macOS, in any browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. To access Instagram messages on your PC, just click on the airplane icon in the top menu. A new page will open with all your conversations. To start a new chat, click on “Send message”. If you prefer, you can also start a conversation from the profile of the person you want to talk to.

In addition, you can send files from your computer via chat and perform actions such as silencing or deleting the conversation and blocking and reporting the contact. Instagram signals the arrival of new messages with a notification. If you have the social network window closed, but keep browser notifications enabled, the alert arrives via push balloons.


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