Instagram develops a feature where posts are displayed chronologically


A new feature has emerged that the Instagram team is working on. This feature, called “Recent Posts”, allows the latest posts of the tracked users to be viewed on a different page. It is not yet known when the feature can be used.

Instagram, the world’s most popular online photo and video sharing platform, has millions of users today. When users log in to the Instagram application since 2016, they can view the ‘popular’ content via an algorithm created by Instagram, not the last posts of the profiles they follow. However, this situation may change soon.

The Instagram developer team changed the users’ flow page with a decision in 2016. Instagram’s new algorithm sorts not just the content uploaded to the platform, but what users like, which causes even images uploaded a few days ago to appear in the first place when logged in. This situation, which users do not like very much, will change soon through a new section.

Jane Manchun Wong announced that Instagram will soon have a new episode with the name “Recent Posts”. This feature will appear as an openable screen on Instagram’s homepage.

Users who will encounter a little explanation when it is first published will see a question about whether some of the people they follow in this description are uploading new posts and if they want to access them. If users want to reach the latest posts of the people they follow, they will be directed to a new page via the relevant button.

This is how the ‘Recent Posts’ feature of Instagram will look like this
How the new feature of Instagram can be used and what exactly this feature has to offer is currently unknown. According to the allegations, the Instagram team has been reached on the subject, but the authorities are afraid to make a statement on the subject. Despite all this, it is an undeniable fact that the Instagram team is working on this feature and users will be able to start using this effective feature after a while.

As you know, Twitter recently added a new feature to the homepage and allowed users to choose to rank the homepage by popular content or new content. Even though Instagram has not given users a chance to choose with its new feature, Instagram will allow users who prefer chronological order to move from re-posts to old with a simple feature.


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