Instagram comes with the ability to limit sensitive content


Instagram is working on delicate content restriction for those who want a more ‘secure’ home page in official settings such as the workplace. However, at the moment, what is meant by sensitive content is unknown.

Although Instagram has a strict attitude towards sensitive content, the restrictions may be insufficient for some users. Apparently, the social media giant is working on a new feature for those who find Instagram’s current limits insufficient.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has revealed that a new feature will come to Instagram to limit sensitive content. It is not clear what Instagram will classify as “sensitive content” at the moment, but it is believed that non-secure (NSFW) or partially adult content can be adhered to this limit for viewing at work.

Wong notes that the feature that limits sensitive content is turned on by default. However, this situation may change when the new feature comes to the stable version. Sensitive content limitation feature can be turned off from the settings if desired.

When you turn off the feature, a new window opens, asking you to confirm that you want to see sensitive content. The ‘Learn more’ link below the warning does not currently work. It is probably just beginning the feature development process.

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