Instagram Collabs, The Method To Share Likes And Publications


If two Instagram users want to share the same publication on the social network, each one must upload it to their account and then tag the other. So you have the other person associated with that publication, but the ‘likes’ and comments will be separate, since they are independent publications.

Or they were, because Facebook has pulled something called Instagram Collabs out of its sleeve.

Instagram Collabs

Instagram has presented this Tuesday a new application service called Collabs, a new co-authoring format that allows sharing the content of the ‘feed’ and the ‘reels’ with another user, so that both can share a single one on their profiles publication.

Unlike traditional tagging, if you use Collabs, the names of the people that appear in the image will be displayed in the image header. In addition, it can be shared on the profile of both users as if it were a single publication. In this way, all the ‘likes’ that the image receives, regardless of the profile in which this action occurs, will be counted in the accounts of the two people mentioned in the publication shared through Collabs.


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