Instagram charges idea for adding links to headers


The patent filed by Instagram shows a pop-up window to pay to put links in a title

Based on a patent previously filed by Instagram, it appears that the photography social network is considering charging a fee for adding links to captions, which may cause some controversy.

The patent application, which was first filed by Instagram’s parent company Facebook in 2016, displays a pop-up window that appears when the user adds a URL to a title, asking if they want to pay $ 2 to make that. the link remains active.

The patent application entitled “Add paid links to media subtitles in a social network system”, has as a description of the operation of the system that if the online system detects that the content of the title text includes a string of text of the link that identifies an address, the system would ask the user who publishes to pay a fee in exchange for generating the link.

Instagram could charge for linking

As we mentioned before, this measure could cause a lot of controversy, as this has long been one of the biggest complaints about Instagram, since if you want to include a link to a story, product or anything else in the post, it is not It is possible to add a URL to the captions of the photos.

Most people use the bio link ‘technique’, while verified Instagram users can add links to their Stories, but then the question arises, Instagram influencers, brands and other users will be willing to pay. a fee for posting a link.

However, as with any patent, it is important to remember that companies request patents all the time for products and services that in many cases are not produced or implemented, due to this issue, it is not known if this feature could become Instagram or when it would happen.

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