Instagram CEO explains why they didn’t develop apps for iPad


In a recent speech, Instagram’s CEO explained why Instagram isn’t still developing apps for iPad. The CEO attributed this to the supply / demand relationship.

The device you want to use the mobile application of Instagram may encounter some problems on the iPad because, as it is known, the platform does not have an iPad-specific application.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, explained why the company is still not developing Instagram for iPad. When connecting the reason to the supply / demand relationship, Mosseri stated that Instagram will not come to iPads for a long time.

‘We have more profitable jobs to do’
According to Mosseri, the main reason why Instagram is only on iPhones is that the company wants to use every material resource efficiently. The CEO’s statement “We have a lot to do and we think they are all more profitable than an iPad app” actually answers all these questions.

“Of course we want to create an iPad app, but there are more important things we need to do,” said Adam Mosseri, and argued that making Instagram apps for iPad is not a profitable task among all these important things.

As it is known, when asked why the company has made it a priority to send direct messages via an iPad application in the past months, the direct message was said to be important.

An iPad app isn’t thought to be on Instagram’s road map. When you consider the extensive resources of a Facebook company, Mosseri’s statement may not satisfy the users. So what do you think about this subject? You can share your ideas from the comments section.


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