Instagram: we can now put several photos on a single Story!


Instagram announces something new that will revolutionize stories. It will now be possible to put several photos on a story.

Instagram is launching several movements. After the fight against fake news and offensive content, the social network wants to encourage creativity. It will therefore be possible to put several photos on the same story.

Instagram leads several struggles for harmony. A few weeks ago, the social network was developing a new option to stop fake news. Indeed, the platform gave the possibility to users to report false information. This allows fake news to be pushed into the background. An important measure because, on social networks, more and more erroneous information circulates. But that’s not all !

Instagram now wants to give pride of place to creation. While growing worldwide, this social network was basically reserved for artists. The platform therefore wants to return to its origin. Because this essence has been somewhat lost in recent years. In any case, this suggests the novelty of the social network. It is now possible to add several photos on the same story.

It is therefore possible to put six photos on the same story. A novelty for Instagram that gets up to date. Because most of the other social networks contained this functionality for a long time. Thanks to such innovations, the platform remains fashionable and endures.

Instagram therefore once again enriches the concept of story. If this format has succeeded in establishing itself on this platform, it is partly thanks to this strategy which places a lot on it. If it is not the inventor, the social network is in any case the most powerful generator of stories.

A trend that seems bound to continue. So, convinced by this innovation on the social network?


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