Instagram Brought a Brand New Feature For Stores


Instagram, one of the social media platforms with the most users in the world, brings another new feature. This time for the Shops. Constantly updating itself, Instagram adds another new feature. Last year, it had integrated the Store feature. Thus, product sellers began to reach consumers more easily.

In addition, the platform has turned into a good shopping medium for consumers. However, the authorities of the platform continue to add new features to the application. Finally, the social media platform took a step towards the store tab.

Instagram finished testing for a new feature

The platform began testing ads in the Store tab in the US earlier this month. This option is available Tuesday, August 24 in countries where the tab is available. Apparently, the authorities were satisfied with the results of the test. Details of Instagram’s new feature have also started to become clear.

Ads will appear as tiles on the main page of the Instagram Store tab. That is, it will be available as a tile in the same tab. Only in the lower-left corner of the image will the phrase ” sponsored “ appear. Clicking on them will take users to a product details page where they can learn about the product, view additional images, and browse through the brand’s other offerings.

In addition, users will be able to save these products to their wish lists. It also has the ability to share with friends. Instagram users have the right to hide or report ads on Instagram Shopping by pressing and holding the title that leads to a menu of options.

Instagram has tested the new feature with participating brands like Away, Boo Oh, Clarepaint, Deux, and Donni Davy. Hannah Gardner, an Away executive, said, “I have had more success by advertising in an environment where the consumer is already in a shopping mindset. The Store tab naturally pulls. The more often I confront the consumer with this mindset, the better my potential return on investment will be.” said.

According to TechCrunch’s report, these ads will run on an auction-based model. Also, since Stores are not available on desktop, they will only appear on mobile devices.


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