Instagram Brings New Feature to Fight Cyber Bullying


Cyber ​​bullying has become a problem that affects almost everyone. Knowing that this is a big problem, Instagram, bullying users without realizing ‘restricting’ announced the new feature.

Instagram, which says it wants to lead the fight against online bullying in social networks, reveals a new feature. The latest feature, called “Restrict,” published on Wednesday, will help combat bullying. The feature has been tested since July.

The “Restrict” feature allows you to prevent others from seeing comments from this person. Restricted users cannot see if you are active on Instagram or whether they read their messages directly. Instagram users can also choose to show the restricted person’s comments to others by approving their comments. Randi Priluck, professor and assistant dean at Pace University, focused on social media and mobile marketing. “It’s better for Instagram to do nothing than to do anything. But the question is: How much will this work? ” said.

More effective than blocking

According to a 2018 study by Pew, fifty percent of young people in the United States are bullying or harassing online. According to another study by a non-profit bullying group, 42% of cyberbullying victims between the ages of 12 and 20 are bullying themselves on Instagram. According to Instagram, a ‘bully’, blocking, discontinuing or reporting, can end up in the unpredictable behavior of the bullying person. With the restriction feature, Instagram users can protect themselves without notifying the bully.

Co-director of the Cyber Bullying Research Center and a professor at Florida Atlantic University. We need to see to what extent the feature works and whether the critical mass of Instagram users is using it, said Sameer Hinduja. Instagram had previously developed a new tool with artificial intelligence to assess whether a comment was published or not before being published.

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