Instagram Brings Back Map View to Saved Collections


There are efforts to bring back one of the features that Instagram had previously removed. Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong claimed that the Instinct’s previously saved Maps section will be added to the map view again.

Social media networks are trying to outrun their competitors with new features once they become popular. A feature is removed by the social media network if it doesn’t get enough attention from users after it is published.

Since its inception, Facebook has kept the social media network ahead of its competitors with new features and updates. New news about Instagram’s features was shared by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

Jane Manchun Wong said the map view will be added to the Saved Collections section of Instagram and shared a screenshot. Wong’s screenshot shows that all the places the user has saved can be seen on the map. New photos of the new features will also be available.

The map view in the Saved Collection has previously been used by Instagram. However, Instagram had the feature removed after a while. However, Instagram users shared that they thought it would be better to publish the map view feature.

No detail was shared on how different the map view will be in Saved Collections. Instagram users are waiting for the feature to be shared.

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