Instagram only with your “best friends”


Threads is an Instagram application that must be downloaded separately, and used to connect with “best friends” through the camera. It is a direct competitor of Snapchat, whose objective is to generate more options to share visually with the closest contacts.

According to Instagram, users usually have more contact with a small group and Threads allows more direct communication with them. This app associated with the visual network allows you to keep the link in a more private way, in a unique space.

It is not necessary to wait for your contacts to enter Instagram to see your publications, with Threads you can share the contents at the moment with the best friends, because the application warns them that they have received that photo or video especially for them.

Threads is an application with important security protocols so that users connect with confidence and can share photos, videos, messages and stories with the list of “best friends” on Instagram. The user permanently has the power to control who can access these contents.

Finally, some interesting things about the app associated with the social network owned by Facebook is that users directly access the camera, to create their content and send their message in just two clicks. Another curiosity is that the app includes the “States”: each user can add content about their feelings and emotions at a certain time.


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