Instagram bans coronavirus-related filters


Instagram filters are the biggest hit in Stories. However, the social network is very close to those who promise to diagnose people with coronavirus. Even though they are “jokes”, these augmented reality effects are being banned from the platform, due to the seriousness with which the matter needs to be taken.

In a post on Facebook, it was informed that the existing effects were deleted and the new ones will not be accepted. Other, more “harmless” filters, such as masks or animated versions of the coronavirus, that do not break the rules of Instagram, will not be shown in the search results – unless they have been developed by some renowned health organization.

Effects such as “the likelihood of you getting the coronavirus” or “how many toilet papers you should store” do not provide any constructive information, and may increase the paranoia surrounding the disease, which deserves to be treated seriously.

Another measure that is being implemented by Instagram is to include a link with information from covid-19 at the top of the feed of users in countries that already have patients with the disease – that is, almost all. The data are from the World Health Organization and will be on the air for the next few weeks, warning about symptoms, prevention and treatment. Hashtags that spread fake news and misinformation are also being excluded, as this is a time when everyone needs to be aware of the seriousness of the pandemic.

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