Instagram Banned The Account With 14 Million Followers Due To The Coronavirus Deception


Instagram deleted one of the accounts with humorous posts with about 14 million followers. The reason for the platform to delete this page called “bestmemes” was the violation of the rules on coronavirus.

Social media platforms have hundreds of millions or even billions of users. Having hundreds of millions of users puts great responsibility on social media platforms just like great power brings great responsibility. Protecting its users is among these responsibilities of the platforms.

An account called ‘bestmemes’, one of Instagram’s biggest pages with humorous content, posted last month with fake screenshots from US President Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s Twitter accounts.

Fraud related shares:
You can earn $ 1,000 from PayPal by participating in the #StayAtHome research if the state you live in is under quarantine due to the coronavirus. Stay strong. ”

Also, in the image shared by the page, it was seen as $ 1,448.71 as PayPal account balance. The followers were directed to a link in the account’s description section. When the link was clicked, a questionnaire page with three questions appeared, requesting an e-mail address.

These shares made by the ‘bestmemes’ account were removed on Sunday. Speaking to Daily Dot, the Facebook spokesman said that these fake tweets were removed because the platform violated the policy of spreading false information about the coronavirus.

The sharing of the Obama tweet deleted on the same day reappeared. As soon as the tweet was shared, it received thousands of likes. Later, both the tweet and the link in the description of the account were removed. Also, on Monday, the account was completely deleted.

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The Facebook spokesperson said that the ‘bestmemes’ account was deleted because of a ‘repeated community standards violation’. These posts from the ‘bestmemes’ account were not seen later on any large page. The ‘fuckjerry’ account with 15 million followers, the name behind the page, worked for the presidential campaign with US Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg.


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