Instagram Announces New Measures Under Coronavirus Outbreak


Instagram has expanded the scope of the measures it has taken against the coronavirus outbreak. Instagram developers, who made statements on the subject, announced that the shares related to the pandemic will be followed meticulously. Also, Instagram has new GIFs and a new feature about coronavirus.

The world speaks of the coronavirus, which has become a pandemic since the early days of 2020. The coronavirus, which has cost the lives of 17,159 people until today, adversely affected life and forced people to stay at home to protect health.

People staying in their homes also increased the use of social media. In this context, the online photo and video platform Instagram, which people already use intensively, has now become a social media platform with more instant users. For this reason, Instagram developers announced both the precautions they took regarding this pandemic and the new features that will provide users with a more functional Instagram experience in this process.

Instagram recently announced that it has banned all of the effects associated with the coronavirus on the platform. Now, the developers who have announced their new measures regarding the pandemic, which is in trouble all over the world, stated that Instagram users can now access the World Health Organization and other authorized institutions more easily.

Control of the posts shared among Instagram’s measures regarding coronavirus comes first. So much so that users will almost never be able to access fake content related to coronavirus on Instagram. Because the officials announced that they will take an aggressive approach to the posts about the coronavirus and thereby scrape the coronavirus-related conspiracy theories and fake information from the platform.

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Instagram has also prepared some new GIFs to encourage the protection of social distance, the number one rule of coronavirus protection. In this way, users will be able to add GIF content such as “stay home” to the stories they will add to the platform. Not satisfied with all these moves, Instagram has also brought an effective feature for Instagram users who will use the platform more during their stay at home.

The new feature Instagram creates for users is called “Co-Watching” and offers a new experience to users who make video calls through Instagram. So much so that during a video call, the people in the conversation will be able to look at Instagram posts together. This will provide a new activity for users during video calls.


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