Instagram Announces Ban on Corona Virus Related Filters


Instagram officials announced that it has removed all the effects related to Corona virus and that new effects will be blocked from now on. Announcing that they have taken a new step regarding the Corona virus, the officials announced that they will share up-to-date information about the Corona virus on the platform.

The Corona virus, which has been on the agenda of the world since the beginning of 2020, has now become a global problem. The World Health Organization has described the Corona virus as a pandemic, or global epidemic, with statements made recently. As such, the fear of the Corona virus caused millions of people to close into their homes by force or as part of their advice.

The Corona virus outbreak was also on the agenda of social media. Some people make fun-related posts about the Corona virus, while others share informative posts that are aware of the seriousness of the condition. In this context, some Instagram users have been making posts that frequently use filters related to Corona virus recently.

In the statements made by Instagram, it was stated that all the Corona virus-themed filters on the platform are blocked and such filters will no longer be available. Nevertheless, the officials announced that they will take new steps regarding the Corona virus and show more up-to-date statements made by the authorities, especially the World Health Organization, within the scope of the platform.

The test effect of Instagram showing whether the user was infected with the Corona virus looked like this;