Instagram and Facebook begin to merge their chats


In early 2019 we learned that Zuckerberg and his team were planning a merger of the three big apps of the moment: WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

It is not a question of mixing the three applications so that they operate as a single app, but each one would continue as it is, operating separately, although at the level of their most basic function they would share the same network in which the structures of messages from the three applications within the Facebook one, along with all its databases.

This means that a Facebook user can send a WhatsApp user who does NOT have Facebook a private message, and this, from WhatsApp, could reply to the Facebook user. Although they are in theory encrypted and that is, private. Throughout 2019 we saw opposition to this measure, such as that of the German government or the anti-merger mandate of the FTC USA:

Instagram and Messenger begin to merge

But, governments and laws aside, it seems that Facebook has started the process, or at least one of those that will make up what will be the largest merger of services in the history of social networks. As we can read on websites like The Verge, apparently some users have encountered a surprise when opening Instagram a few days ago.

Specifically with a welcome screen that shows the logos of Instagram and Facebook Messenger under the slogan “there is a new way of messaging on Instagram.”

The screen summarizes the new style that Facebook has given to Instagram direct messages, now converted into a more active Messenger-style chat, under a new, more colorful interface, with emoji reactions or the WhatsApp-style function of replying to a message. citing it by sliding it aside. But the definitive clue of the merger – in case the icons are not enough – is this: “Chat with friends who use Facebook.”

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Chat on Instagram with Facebook users

Yes, as we have said above, the option of cross-talk seems to be one of the main reasons for the merger of the three applications. On Instagram, if you accept this update, you will see that the current icon for direct messages – an arrow pointing up and to the right – is now directly the same Messenger icon – yes, zero subtlety.

At the moment the update is underway, but it is not possible to chat with Facebook users from Instagram since this ‘cross-message’ function is not enabled yet. Although it is clear that the process of merging the infrastructures and databases of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram has begun.


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