Instagram and Facebook are testing common features!


Facebook frequently crosses the features of the platforms under its roof. The promotional notification sent to some Facebook users says a new feature is available. Thanks to the new feature, Instagram stories can be viewed on Facebook.

Recently, WhatsApp and DMs could be controlled via Messenger. We can say that the ties between the two platforms are getting stronger.

Instagram stories come to Facebook

As you know, Facebook itself has a feature of stories that can be used among friends. It can be a bit confusing to have stories of two different social media applications on the platform. This will be preceded by the colors around the story icons. Stories exclusive to Facebook will have blue, and stories exclusive to Instagram will have a color transition between pink and orange.

Instagram already has a similar feature. However, in order to use the existing feature, the person sharing the story must have a Facebook account and mark that they want to share on Facebook.

In order to use this feature, Instagram and Facebook accounts must be synchronized with each other. After completing this synchronization, Instagram stories will be visible on the Facebook home page. This will only apply to users you follow, and that person’s Instagram username will appear on the screen.

In the notification it sends Facebook, it clearly says that those who do not follow you will not be able to see your story on Facebook. Facebook spokesperson added in a statement that they respect privacy.

The feature is currently being tested in a very small group of users. According to the feedback received, the fate of this feature will be determined. Let’s see when exactly it will become available …


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