Instagram Adds More Options To View Sensitive Content in The App


On Instagram there is a lot of content to see and to know. Thanks to the Explore tab you will have at your fingertips all the content of your interest that is uploaded to the application, but sometimes things that are not to your liking will appear. This can happen as long as you don’t configure the content section, a function that now has an extra option to choose from.

New limitations when using Instagram

Younger users have limited or controlled access to the applications on their device thanks to parental controls. However, for older adults this is not an option and each one is responsible for what they see and appear in the apps they use. In the case of Instagram, it is a palpable reality, since the Explore tab is a constant source of content for users.

And this is where Facebook wants to put more tools for its customers with new content display options. This new feature helps you further filter all the images and videos that enter through this part of the application. As you know, the app has a function that prevents you from seeing unpleasant images in the profiles you visit, but now you can better restrict what appears in Explore.

As read on the firm’s blog, you now have absolute control of what may appear to you. “You can leave everything as it is, if you agree with the current experience, or you can adjust the sensitive content control to see more or less content of this type.” Everything is done quickly from the Configuration> Account path > Control of sensitive content.

Thinking of the young

One of the curiosities of this new feature that expands on Instagram with these options to view sensitive content has to do with the age of its users. And it is that the firm clarifies that minors have more restrictions than those who have already turned 18 years old.

It turns out that the new option will not leave the allow tab for minors, so you will always be protected when viewing content that should not appear to them. Of course, parental protection functions continue to be the order of the day, so if you are a parent you will have control of what your children can see if they are users of the app.


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