Instagram ‘Accidentally’ Blocked From Seeing Likes


Instagram users from all over the world are not able to see the number of likes in their posts. Although it comes to mind that the number of likes that came to the fore many years ago will be hidden in the first place, the statements made by Instagram revealed that the situation was caused by a mistake.

Instagram, the world’s most popular online short video and photo sharing platform, announced more than a year ago that it would hide the likes of users, only letting the account holder know how many likes they have. Even as the company moves about it, he had begun to test this feature in many countries, including Turkey. However, this situation was forgotten after a while, and Instagram stopped making statements about the feature of hiding likes.

Think about it, many Instagram users faced an event they never expected. Users all over the world suddenly couldn’t see the number of likes in the posts. First, the reason for this was not understood. Some users thought that the issue that came up years ago has come to life. However, this was not the case. In the statements made by Instagram officials, it was stated that this occurred as a result of an error. While Instagram was testing the hiding feature, it accidentally included a large number of users in the testing process.

“We are testing a new feature”

Statements on the subject were made by an anonymous spokesperson. In the statements made, it was stated that a new feature of hiding like numbers was tested, but many users were accidentally included in this testing process. Acknowledging that this was a mistake, the Instagram spokesperson said that they are continuing their work and that the problem of not showing the likes counts as soon as possible.


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