Instagram, 10 Years Old! Here are the Posted Features


Celebrating its 10th anniversary as of today, Instagram has released a series of new features to celebrate this important day. With the new features that have not reached all users yet, you can view the stories you have shared in the last three years on the map or calendar, and you can also change the Instagram icon as you wish.

Instagram, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. The application, which was first published on October 6, 2010, became popular in a short time and entered Facebook’s radar and was bought by the social media giant in 2012.

Having left behind a major milestone, Instagram will also offer users a number of new features to celebrate this important day. Instagram will even allow users to choose one of the specially designed application icons for the 10th anniversary.

Instagram’s 10th anniversary custom icons

As a matter of fact, the application icons offered by Instagram for its 10th anniversary first appeared in the codes of the application at the beginning of last week and as expected, it appeared as a special feature for the 10th anniversary. As you can see in the image above, Instagram has even added its first logo among the icon options.

This is what Instagram’s Stories Map and Calendar looks like

Another feature that Instagram has released for its 10th anniversary is the Stories Map. With this feature, you can view any story you have shared in the last three years on the map or on the calendar and quickly take a look at your recent history. A minute! Does Facebook continue to save our deleted stories? Archived ones yes.

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Screenshots from Instagram’s automatic comment hiding feature

Another feature published by Instagram with its 10th anniversary is comment hiding. As you know, Instagram has already been warning the comment owner before posting an offensive or disturbing comment for a while. Now it will begin to hide offensive and disturbing comments, similar to Twitter’s Secret Answers feature. However, unlike Twitter’s Hidden Answers feature, Instagram will hide these comments automatically, not at the request of the post owner.

According to the information provided by Tech Crunch, Instagram has released the 10th anniversary update, but we saw that the update has not reached our device yet in our controls. Presumably, the update is being sent to different parts of the world in batches and all users will receive the 10th anniversary update soon.

You can follow the steps below to access Instagram’s 10th anniversary icons.


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