Insta360 One X2 With Touch Screen Introduced


Insta360 announced the One X2, which will replace the One X 360 degree camera released in 2018. With this version, the camera also comes with a touch screen feature.

Although our smartphones now take very good photos, different and advanced cameras continue to be produced for professional work. The companies in this market introduce their products almost every year.

Insta360 was one of the companies that introduced their new products. The company introduced the new One X2 cameras in its promotion today. These cameras, which can shoot 360 degrees, will replace the One X series released in 2018.

Hello to touch screen

Perhaps the most criticized issue of the previous version was that the device did not have a touch screen. The new One X2 comes with a full color touch screen. Still, that’s not all the innovations in the camera.

The waterproof certificate of the camera, whose battery life has also been improved, has been updated to IPX8. In addition, the company uses more powerful AI editing tools for the new flagship camera.

The battery, microSD card and USB-C port inputs draw attention in the device, which does not change much in terms of general design. The new knurled design on the top of the camera provides a better grip. It significantly reduces the risk of the device slipping from the user’s hand.

Touch screen provides ease of use

The new touchscreen allows us to have better control over the device, just like we saw on the GoPro Max. Through this screen, it is possible to replay images, change settings, and select a camera mode.

When we look in terms of image technology, we see that the camera can shoot 5.7K-30 FPS. Those who can afford to give up resolution can choose 3K-100 FPS. In the fixed camera feature, we see that 2K-50 FPS can be shot. It is also possible to edit these images with the help of artificial intelligence with the smartphone application.

Insta360 has launched the new camera for $ 429.99 starting today. This means that we saw a $ 30 price increase compared to the previous generation. What do you think of the Insta360 camera?


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