Inspired by such a 2D shooter Zero Sievert will appear in early access next month


Cabo Studio has announced that the Zero Sievert top-down survival shooter will be launched in early access in November, and a free demo will be available as part of Steam Next Fest.

The demo version of Zero Sievert will be available to play from today (October 3) to October 17, and the game itself will be available in early access from November 22. The shooter will cost £15.99 at launch, although the launch sale will lower the price. ten percent.

As for the essence of the game, Zero Sievert is a single—player shooter with extraction, which will seem familiar to fans of the hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov from Battlestate Games.

“Zero Sievert charges you with garbage collection gear in several areas, and it all takes place in an atmospheric fictional post—apocalyptic setting of Eastern Europe,” the game’s Steam page says. “Your base of operations, the bunker, is filled with merchants, modding stations, and areas that you can do yourself, ensuring you progress on your wildlife excursions.”

“In the five biomes of the game, you will initially be armed with little more than a pistol and a bottle of water, after which you will have to collect items, destroy bandits and, most importantly, return alive,” the description continues.

In a conversation with NME, developer Luca Carbonera admitted that Escape From Tarkov helped inspire Zero Sievert, and he sees the top-down shooter as “a more direct, accessible and less hardcore version of Tarkov that manages to offer the same thrill of entering the game.” , get the loot and leave.”

Currently, Zero Sievert is planned to remain in early access for about a year, which will include five procedural locations for mining from November.


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