Inspired by Orkut? Twitter launches “Communities” to create closed groups on the social network


Twitter started the month with a variety of new features that should enhance the experience of using the platform. For influencers, a new bitcoin tipping system may be launched soon; for the general public, several privacy improvements are expected to arrive by 2022.


This Thursday (09), the platform is launching Communities, a new feature that will allow the creation of private groups to unite people with common interests.

“Imagine an alternative timeline where everyone just understands you,” publishes the official Twitter Communities profile, which briefly details the possibilities offered by the eponymous feature of the late Orkut communities.

Needless to say, this function refers to Facebook Groups and, in fact, shares similarities with the platform. The feature allows users to create posts and content on a subject that will be visible only to community members in a new interface, and are moderated by one or more administrators.

There are several interests that can be addressed among members of a closed group, such as astrology, cryptocurrencies, photography and more. When creating a tweet, the platform will offer the option of posting it visibly to all followers or in a specific community, where only group members can view and interact.

Currently, communities can only be accessed by guest users, but it is reported that the social network will implement new ways to add more people to groups. Moderators can send unlimited amounts of invitations and delete users at any time; the other members can send up to five invitations.

To create a Community, it is necessary to fill out a form created by the platform itself, answering questions such as the focus of the group and profiles of people who are likely to participate. Twitter is testing the function on the web and iOS versions, but says that Android phones will soon be supported.


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