Insomniac Games says it ‘scratched the surface’ of PS5


Insomniac Games is present at the launch of PlayStation 5 with Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, and its chief technology officer, Mike Fitzgerald, has revealed that he and his team really enjoyed what they saw on Sony’s new console for now!

In an interview with the IGN website, Mike said that developers are just “beginning to scratch the surface” of the machine’s true hardware potential, and that the studios will still have “many years to get more and more performance out of the PS5”.

“It’s amazing that we can take a game like Spider-Man and make everything a lot faster! Even the Ratchet and Clank we’re working on now goes a lot to that side of speed too,” celebrated Mike. “Every game we played before was locked at 30 fps, and it’s cool to be able to give more options now, it looks like we can cater to all audiences!”

If you want to check out this performance, the game Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales will be released in Brazilian stores on November 19, the same date that the PS5 hits the shelves. What are your expectations for the new generation? Comment below!


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