Insider: The weird things about working at Google!


Working at Google, which operates under Alphabet, is probably everyone’s dream. But before you decide, you should know them.


Google is such a big company that we can say that there is no area where it has not entered our lives today. Even those who claim not to use their services are actually somehow unwittingly involved. If you do not have an Android operating system phone, you are benefiting from a product of Google by watching videos on YouTube. Let’s not forget that, your first stop is probably Google’s search engine to look for the answer to a question that comes to your mind.

The establishment of the company, which has such a wide product range, dates back to 1998. Alphabet, under whose umbrella it is currently under its umbrella, is valued at more than four trillion dollars. Millions of people apply for jobs at Google each year, but only a few get the chance. Are you one of them? Or do you have one of your dreams and haven’t taken a step towards realizing it yet? We’ve listed a few details you need to know before you start working at Google.

You must have a nickname

An informal name is defined for each employee at Google. The most common of these is googler, which everyone uses. As far as is known, one of the other known names of all employees in the company is “googler”. New hires are given the nickname “noogler”, derived from the word new. And it’s not just limited to these.

While Google employees who identify with or openly support the LGBT community are called gays; Greygs are used to refer to those over the age of 40. The word Greygler means “grey (gray) googler”. It refers to the hair color of employees aged 40 and over. Of course, not all of them have the same hair, but this name must have been preferred because of the majority.

As you can imagine, the word Doogler is used for Google employees who are dog sitters. While Brewglers are assigned to employees who drink beer; Those who belong to the Jewish religion are known as Jewglers.

Your weight problem may increase, let alone be solved

According to urban legend, Google co-founder Sergey Brin instructed the architects to “not be 200 meters away from food” while the office was being built. In fact, Google cares so much that its employees can benefit from appetizers, snacks, local dishes and other foods that experienced chefs and angles responsible for supervision work in the kitchen of the business.

Every Google employee is entitled to three free meals a day. On top of that, there are also fruits, snacks and snacks that they can eat while they are busy with something. It is said that noogers who started to work in the company’s offices around the world are famous for gaining 15 kilograms in a short time. Even the employees called it “Google 15” among themselves.

The questions you can’t get out of work become your nightmare

Google is famous for the complexity of the interview system it applies to its employees. The strange questions they ask even the interns form the basis of this reputation. If one day you’re invited to Google for a job interview, “How many tennis balls do you think would fit on a plane in total?” You may be asked the question. These questions, which many people do not understand and do not have a clear answer, are not limited to tennis balls.

People who aspire to work at Google; They are asked for their opinions on how many books are published in the US per year, the number of people who get a haircut in the US each year, how to design an ATM for the elderly, and how to end homelessness in San Francisco. However, there are also questions that are banned because they are difficult. For example, why the manhole covers are round and how many piano tuners live today are among the questions that have been removed.

The review process is almost who dum duma

Regardless of the position, every Google employee can evaluate each other. Managers, as well as their colleagues; employees can examine their superiors according to certain criteria. Google calls this process a “360-degree feedback system”.

Every Google employee is subject to periodic review, including monthly or biennially. The biennial phase, called the “preview,” takes place within the first six months of the year. In October and November, the process that will determine the fate of the Google employee, called the “master review”, begins.

Google upgrade alert

In the main review, individual employees are asked to describe their achievements that year in no more than 512 words. This information is then sent to other employees within the company for consideration. In this way, everyone is expected to review each other for their adherence to Google’s core values, leadership qualities, ability to solve problems, and ability to work independently. An employee, huh? He cannot see which colleague is evaluating him, but he knows in detail what he is saying.

No kidding: You may have to live in your car

Silicon Valley, home to the world’s largest technology companies, including Google, is located in San Francisco Bay. The effects of the housing crisis that has been going on for years in this region are still continuing. Rumor has it that rents are so high that even well-paid software developers have a hard time making money. Moreover, the problem does not only apply to Google employees. It affects most people living in Silicon Valley.

If you decide to work at Google’s office in San Francisco, you may have to live in your car due to high rental fees. If your house is far away, disadvantages such as traffic density are unfortunately among the problems you will encounter. Those who stay close to the office prefer to park their vehicle in a suitable place.


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