Insider says Brad Pitt, hatred and for Angelina Jolie led to the battle for the winery, but not so fast


In tandem with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ongoing divorce drama and custody issues, the two also continue to fight over the French vineyard they bought together when they first started dating. In fact, Jolie recently sold her share of the business to the wine division of the Stoli group, which prompted Pitt to later sue her for what he considers an illegal sale. Since then, new developments have emerged in the battle for the winery, including one insider stating that Pitt’s “hatred” is the real root of the problem. But not so fast — because a completely different reasoning was proposed.

According to Page Six, the “Maleficent” actress and her legal team went ahead and subpoenaed documents related to the Chateau Miravel vineyard from Brad Pitt, his business manager and his holding company Mondo Bongo. And despite Pitt’s strong opposition, the judge in the case ruled in favor of the former. So, the documents in question should be immediately handed over to her lawyer.

Obviously, this is a great boon for Angelina Jolie, as well as a serious setback in the case of her ex. Formally, he owns 50% of the winery, even without Jolie’s share, but as a result, he owes someone else’s opinion. However, a source who reportedly belongs to Jolie’s business team claims that the 58-year-old two-time Oscar winner, who recently followed Harry Styles’ lead by wearing a skirt on the red carpet, is so engrossed in the bad blood in their family history that he refuses to see an opportunity on the table. They said:

Any reasonable person would be happy if Stoli became a partner in their business. They have first-class marketing and distribution. He just can’t see beyond his hatred of Jolie.

However, Brad Pitt’s source claims that just the opposite is true — that he looks at the business side of things, and it doesn’t look very good for him. Obviously, in the past, the star even rejected Stoli’s offer and hoped to buy out his ex’s share himself. Presumably, in the long run, he is not looking for the best distribution company, but ways to increase the value of the property, especially for the sake of the future of their six children. This source stated:

The best way to preserve value for [their children] is to retain full ownership of this increasingly valuable and expanding asset for their parents.

Whatever the actual facts about his feelings for his former partner in the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, it is clear that the actor of the bullet train is ready to bring this to an end, no matter what. It is reported that he is still going to appeal the judge’s recent decision on the documents, although Angelina Jolie already had them.

According to previous reports about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s dispute over the winery, the father of six hoped to revive the famous recording studio on the territory where bands such as Pink Floyd and WHAM performed in its sacred halls. Although with a new partner, Pitt doesn’t have the full freedom he once had to do what he likes, including actually living on the estate. At first there were some alarmist conversations about the involvement of the Russian billionaire. This man has ties to the controversial government of his homeland, and there were fears that he was connected with the group that bought Angelina Jolie’s share. He does own a Stoli, but since then these rumors of loyalty have been dispelled, given how he was expelled by the same government.

Court battles, recording studios and alleged Russian oligarchs? It seems that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s personal problems have certainly taken some interesting turns lately, and the end may not be in sight yet. All this time, you can follow the star project on the screen using the movie schedule for 2022.


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