Inside Out 2 is built on a brilliant idea


It was recently announced that Puzzle would have a sequel, which Pixar fans welcomed, as the 2015 film is everything fans want from this type of movie: charming, heartfelt, warm and comforting, and above all, fun.

“Puzzle 2” will be about teenage emotions and will focus on the same main character who is going through difficult times, which is welcome news, given how heartfelt and wonderful the first film was.

In “Puzzle 2,” Riley (voiced by Caitlin Diaz in the first film) will be a teenager, and Amy Poehler explained to People that the story will focus on the feelings that teenagers experience. Poehler said: “We will have what it means to be a teenager, new emotions that live in the brain of a young person. In many ways, it was really exciting. We knew exactly where we were. the brain of a teenager, and we see the madness that lives inside there.”

Inside Out has succeeded in sharing how Riley feels about everything that happens in her life, big and small, whether it’s moving out of the house and fear of big changes or hating the fact that she has to eat broccoli for dinner. The fact that the sequel will focus on teenage emotions is welcome news, as the genre for young adults allows the characters to experience a wide range of related and interesting feelings. Even in teen horror series, the main characters face changes, hormones, dating problems, chaotic families and problems at school, so a funny and cute animated film dedicated to Riley the teenager will be impressive.

One of the most memorable scenes from the original film is the scene when young Riley is upset about losing a hockey match, and Sadness tells about what happened: “It was the day the Prairie Dogs lost a big playoff game. awful. She wanted to quit.” Riley is also upset that she left her home state of Minnesota and moved to San Francisco, which seems big and scary.

Pixar’s theatrical short films are amazing, as are their feature films, and the main reason for this is how each story ends correctly. At the end of The Puzzle, Riley turned 12, and she came to terms with her big move, made new friends and learned more about who she is. This is a good fit for a sequel, as Riley is now in her teens, and fans already know that this means great feelings and difficult moments.

While the teen horror genre may be dead, as movies dedicated to high school students are no longer being released, “Puzzle 2” will be able to brilliantly and cheerfully tell the story of a teenage girl. The first film is so memorable because emotions are given colors and personalities, and they are real living, breathing figures that live in Riley’s brain. It’s so brilliant to be able to actually see the feelings that Riley is going through, and now that she’s in high school, it makes sense to tell a story about that period of her life.

Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling will not be in the sequel “Puzzles”, so most likely there will be no emotions of Fear or Disgust in this new film. While these are definitely feelings that teenagers face, Riley deals with them so much in the first movie that it makes sense to focus on something else this time. Perhaps there will be Embarrassment or Excitement in the sequel, as teenagers definitely feel these things over and over again. The idea of making Riley a teenager is also very clever, because although young children scream and cry, they don’t know how to actually talk about how they feel. High school students can at least express themselves a little better by talking to a romantic interest or their friends, and it will be great to see what Riley is like now.

The audience enjoyed getting to know the charming and sweet Riley and her passionate and intelligent personality. It will be great to watch Riley as a teenager, as the film is likely to spark a lot of important conversations between families about how to deal with feelings rather than sweeping them under the carpet. What Puzzle 2 tells about high school works great because it’s so tempting for teenagers to keep everything to themselves and ignore their parents while they hide in their bedrooms and listen to music, watch TV or browse social networks. Some outdated sequels are better than the originals, and hopes for “Puzzle 2” are definitely high. The 2015 film is so popular that fans can’t wait to see what Riley is dealing with this time.


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