Inside Man: Netflix series announces main cast names


The cast of the Inside Man miniseries, produced by BBC One and Netflix, will feature Stanley Tucci, David Tennant, Dolly Wells and Lydia West in the lead roles. The project is developed by screenwriter Steven Moffat.

The plot presents the saga of three characters who have their destinies crossed after an event. There is a prisoner on death row in the United States, a vicar from a quiet English town and a math teacher trapped in a basement.

Filming is scheduled to begin in late 2021. The episodes will be directed by Paul McGuigan, executive produced by Alex Mercer, Sue Vertue and Chris Sussman.

According to what was found by the international press, the miniseries was commissioned directly by Charlotte Moore, director of content for the BBC, and Piers Wenger, director of BBC Drama. However, Netflix became one of the project’s distributors after intense negotiations with BBC Studios.

Learn more about the BBC One and Netflix Inside Man miniseries

“When Steven Moffat writes for David [Tennant], Dolly [Wells] and Lydia [West], BBC One viewers already know that the magic of television will be involved,” said Piers Wenger in an official statement, adding that he is with high expectations for the launch.

In the same newsletter, Chris Sussman, who will also oversee the work for Netflix, said the platform is very pleased with the BBC partnership.

“It is impossible to talk a lot about Inside Man without giving spoilers. So let’s just say that the scripts are terribly smart, the cast is fantastic and at the moment no one but Steven knows how this is going to end, ”he said.

That way, we can only wait for more news!


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