Inside Chef Dave & Natasha’s Romance Before Medicine Below Deck


Fans of the Mediterranean below deck are used to big fancy ships, but thanks to Natasha Webb and David White on board the yacht there is now the excitement of a secret personal relationship. The new head stew and cook were hiding behind their colleague’s back, trying to hide their affair. Finally, one of them broke down and gave vent to his feelings.

In the seventh season, Bravo decided to completely change the franchise, including a hybrid boat called “Dom” and many new faces. Captain Sandy Yon and the sailor from the 6th season of “Under the Deck of Copper” Mzi Dempers are the only returning familiar faces. Natasha became the new head chef, and she has a good resume. Natasha owns her own Indie-Pearl yacht rental agency and works hard to develop her career. However, the rumors surrounding her and Dave risk undermining her success.

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In the latest issue of “Under the Deck of the Mediterranean”, it was revealed that Dave and Natasha had met in the past. The roommates recently completed a six-week internship on another yacht, where Natasha claims that her relationship with Dave was an affair, since at that time she was still in a relationship with her boyfriend, who is four years old. However, Natasha confirmed that they were both unwell. Dave instantly fell in love with her, telling the cameras, “It was immediate. It was a flame. It was shooting.” On the first night of the crew, chef Dave from the 7th season of “Under the Medical Deck” let slip in front of the cameras and the crew that the two were the subject of discussion, which left Natasha visibly upset, as she did not want to be judged. However, the flirtation was already obvious to the rest of the crew.

During this week’s episode of Medicine Below Deck, Natasha felt like she was starting to look like a bad guy ever since they met when she was in a relationship. As Dave explains, he was told that she no longer wants to be with her boyfriend, as she is unhappy. Natasha went on to say in her confession that Dave had been complimenting her a lot during the day and that they had fun together. According to Dave, he and new boss Stu Natasha agreed upon joining the hybrid vessel that they were “going to wait a week and then tell everyone” about their relationship.

Naturally, the night comes down to shots and dancing. Natasha tries to throw off the trail of her colleagues by jumping overboard and flirting with sailor Jason Gaskell. The chef was climbing on top of Jason, while Chef Dave was sitting in the corner, clearly feeling uncomfortable. Despite the fact that fans of “Under the Honey Deck” understand why she wants to keep their relationship a secret, she should not harm Dave in the process.


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