Inscryption Wets Your Cards With The Blood Of Innocent Squirrels


Inscryption: If there’s a genre that dominated the video game world in 2021, it was rogue-lite. After the massive success Hades had in 2021, winning dozens of Game of the Year awards, many studios have decided to create adventures in which the player has to start from scratch if he fails in his missions, but is rewarded with something to help him in the next attempt.

Devolver Digital was connected to this trend to the point of having invested in three projects of this type this year alone, the most recent of which we are going to talk about today. But first, I need to briefly run through a name: Daniel Mullins. Many may not know it, but the young Canadian developer has already made a name for himself in the industry through his first two solo titles, Poney Island and The Hex.

The elements that define them are present in his newest game, Inscryption. In it, there is a dark theme, clever puzzles and an extremely intriguing story. Even though the recipe is very similar, the cake is totally different. Check out why in our review below.


Play the right cards or pay for it

There’s a lot to talk about Inscryption, more than you might think. Let’s start with the most important thing: combat. All encounters are made from a card game similar to Magic: The Gathering, with creatures featuring a cost, attack and defense points, and special abilities. To summon them, it is necessary to make a payment in blood through sacrifices from other creatures or from bones from other beings who died on the battlefield.

We were really impressed with how balanced the system is, which is not easy to do at all. Of course, some cards stand out, like the Praying Mantis, which does three attacks in three directions per turn — but it’s rare, and it’s not common to find it around. With scoring working like a scale, weighing you sideways as the plays go, understanding their system is easy, which can appeal to even those who aren’t very familiar with card games.

Finally, in case the confrontations are difficult, there are some items that can be used to give that “helping hand”, being a free squirrel to be sacrificed, a scissors that cuts an opposing creature, a pliers that gives you an extra point and many others available. I guarantee that they were essential at various times in our adventure, as, as is to be expected, sometimes luck is not on our side.